Makeup Tips

For your ease and comfort I recommend you hire a professional makeup artist for your wedding day makeup but, I understand that not all budgets provide for one.  So I’ve compiled some tips that can help you prepare for your big day.


Schedule any skin treatments to be done 2 weeks before the wedding.


Use a primer before you put on your foundation, it will help your makeup stay on throughout the ceremony and reception without sweating or smudging off.  I like Laura Mercier primers and she makes formulas for dry, combination and oily skin.


Find the right foundation for your comfort level, there are many choices from sheer coverage and dewy finish to full coverage and matte finish.  The condition of your skin (oily, combination or dry) and how much coverage you want will determine what kind of formula will work best for you.

IMPORTANT:  make sure your foundation is completely blended and looking natural, check the area of skin along the jaw line especially.


After you’ve applied your foundation flawlessly, set if with a very fine loose powder.  Use a velour puff and, press and roll the powder into the skin.


This is a day that you will remember for the rest of your life and you will be photographed more than ever as well.  You will look back on those photos for years to come so, I like a timeless, elegant and sophisticated look.  I favor well defined eyes and lightly colored lips.  I like natural shades, browns, nut shades, nude shades, creams, light pinks, taupes and etc.  With that being said, it’s your day and if purples or blues look best on you and you feel best in them, then that’s what you should wear.


Just like you used a primer on your face, it’s important to use a primer or a “shadow base” on your eyes too.  It will help the shadow stay on without creasing or slipping off and it makes the colors you apply pop!   As with the face make sure everything is blended.  You shouldn’t be able to see where one color stops and another starts, they should fade into each other.

Make sure you use waterproof mascara.


I LOVE individual false eyelashes, they look natural and gorgeous when applied correctly!

Lipstick Tip

For this you will need translucent loose powder, a two ply tissue and a big powder brush.

After lining your lips and filling in with lipstick, take the tissue and separate the two plies so you have one ply of tissue.  Dip your powder brush in powder and tap off excess, hold the tissue lightly against your lips and dust your lips with powder.  Apply another layer of lipstick.

VERY IMPORTANT:   Give your groom a copy of your lipstick before the ceremony and ask him to put it in his jacket pocket.  You won’t spend as much time with your maid of honor as you will with your new hubby at the reception, and you’ll want to touch up whenever you need to.